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Departure and Flights from Kilimanjaro

Having had lunch at Moshi (assuming time permits following your descent) and been transferred back to your hotel after the climb, if you are booked into the same hotel that you stayed in before your climb the reception staff ought to have retrieved your bags from their lock room and would normally have this waiting for you at reception. Occasionally however, particularly when your hotel is busy, this may not be possible and you may have to wait while a member of staff goes to the lock room and retrieves your bags for you.


If you are staying at a different hotel after your climb to that at which you stayed before your climb, you will have had the option to either stow extra luggage at Team Kilimanjaro Arusha office or else to keep it at your old hotel. In either of these events, please remind the driver to stop of at our office or your old hotel en route to your new hotel, so as to be able to collect your bags. If you are travelling with other climbers who do not need to stop off for bags and you do not wish to delay them unnecessarily, please discuss baggage retrieval options with your guide. These are simple to arrange as our office is around 4-7 minutes from Arusha (traffic dependent).


The recommended first action on entering your hotel room – before beginning to un-pack your bags or settle in – is to immediately test the hot water by running the taps for a couple of minutes. If there should be no hot water this then makes it easier to liaise with reception and arrange to change rooms if necessary, or allows the staff time to do whatever is necessary to ensure that you have hot water as soon as possible where changing rooms will not make any difference. Hot water failure is more usually a concern at our standard range of hotels and is less likely to occur as one upgrade towards luxury.


If it is necessary to re-charge a mobile phone or electrical item, again, you are advised to check that your room’s sockets work before settling yourself into that room. Please note that the electricity supply is not constant and can sometimes drop to as low as 150 volts at some times of day. This may be of concern for certain electrical items, so please assure yourself in advance of your trip of the possible ramifications of this.



Please at all times be aware of the security of your luggage and valuables and make use of your hotel’s safe deposit facilities. We have now experienced two events at two different hotels in the last few years where climbers’ cash has been stolen from within their hotel rooms. While this represents a very low ratio of our climbers overall, we nonetheless advise caution and awareness.


Also, in just the last few months we have seen a sharp increase in petty thefts and muggings in Arusha. Until last year, we were aware of only two visitors who had been mugged. Just this year however, there have been three separate incidents so far. Again, this is still a low ratio overall, but climbers are advised to use taxis when they travel from their hotels, rather than walking on foot, particularly after dark, and we advise that only pocket money is carried, with main valuables remaining inside the hotel’s safe.


Evening Meal Following Your Climb

Climbers will often invite their mountain guide and assistant guide(s) and sometimes the cook also, to dinner on the evening immediately following their climb. Please be aware that while this is welcomed, this is by no means expected or to be considered customary. There are a handful of good restaurants in Arusha. Your guide will usually advise you, if asked, while climbing together. The main venues for evening activity are either the Maasai Club, Via Via nightclub, or the new complex at Njiro. There is often live music at these places.


To celebrate your climb, if you wish to treat yourself to the very best cuisine available in Arusha (as the actor Will Smith recently elected to do), it is sometimes possible to get a last minute booking at Onsea House for dinner. Dinner includes wine and several extremely good courses. Even if choosing to overnight at another hotel it is often possible to get a dinner reservation in advance, however, it is better to book this in advance during your planning phase.


It is of course also possible to simply take your evening meal at whichever hotel you are staying at. However, unless staying at Onsea, Arumeru, Kia Lodge, Moivaro, or The Arusha Hotel, climbers are generally advised to book their post climb night on bed and breakfast basis only, so as to afford the flexibility to eat out if they feel like doing so on the night.


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